AirMeasure - AR Tape & Ruler App Reviews

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Need Millimeters! Am I missing something here?!

Sure I could do the math but I work with small things that are measured In millimeters as industry standard. I was figuring this app had the functionality... but no, centimeters is as small as it gets. I won’t whine about the $0.99 cents I just paid. But I will say that leaving out that unit of measure is just a functionality fail.

Only a ruler!

This app is only a ruler that displays on your phone. Is nothing like the display or description. Needs another app to work. What a waste.

I paid for noting

I PAID .99 CENT FOR FOR A Ruler face in the pictures it looks like you could like measured with your phone but I want you to slide up and down to measure your Item that you want to measure but it doesn’t work it’s full of it if I could get a refund I would ask for it if that about the $.99 it’s the principle of it

Hate it

I paid 99¢ for a picture of a ruler.😩

No sirve para nada

No sirve

Cool tool

This is a very cool virtual tool.


Very primitive application, it doesn’t have any options, only a picture of a ruler that is taking the whole screen, you have to slide the phone while touching it.... it’s not an air measurement at all. Disappointing


I like the app, but there is no apparent way to calibrate it to an actual ruler


I just paid .99 for a slide ruler. Not even close to what this app shows to do. Definitely not worth it.

One huge flaw

This would be a spectacular app were it not for the fact that zoomed phones will have wildly inaccurate measurements. The developer should have warned us that this would be the case. One has to either reset the phone to standard when the app is used or forfeit any semblance of accuracy. I don’t recall this problem before the update...and I’ve always used a zoomed screen.

Rip off

I expected a decent measuring tool but all I got was a yellow ruler on my phone that I have to slide my finger very disappointing and deceiving


Oh..But they’ll still take your 99 cents. Jerks. It shouldn’t be downloadable for devices not compatible. Jerks.


Darn, I was hoping this app worked. Unfortunately, the results are wildly inaccurate. Only 6 of 30 results were accurate to within a half inch (all measurements 10”- 4’ ). 1/2” isn’t acceptable at this distance, and many of the results were several inches off. This just isn’t acceptable. My new phone meets all of the standards the developer mandates, but the app doesn’t work.

Not updated for XS Max

Text is clipped at the notch and at the bottom. Measurement is flaky.

Not for Apple 6

Thought this would do all the features shown but it only does measuring sliding the phone. Really not that accurate.

never buy this app

never buy this app

I tried using this app on my iPhone 6 Plus and I am stuck

I downloaded this app and I tried to learn how to make it work. All the app did was show this measuring tape on my screen. I thought I could use it to measure objects in real-life on my screen.

Don’t buy unless!!!

You need an ark ar kit if you want this to do anything. Don’t buy

Does nothing on a iPhone 6

I didn’t read the fine print and installed it on an iPhone 6 and all I got was a screen that looks like a ruler which you can scroll with your finger which is pointless since sliding the phone does not scroll the ruler.

Doesn’t work on iPhone 6

Doesn’t work on iPhone 6 even though the App Store description says it does. It appears to only allow sliding on a surface measurements, and that is not even close to being worth paying for because that is a free app that I chose not to get because I wanted more. I was cheated by this purchase.


I I purchased this app, what they don’t tell you is that you need more equipment to use the measuring device. You want to get the slide rule.

This is great! Excited to try the picture frames

This is great! Excited to try the picture frames

Does not work on my iPhone 6

Does not work! I have an iPhone 6 and all I get is a yellow ruler on the screen that does nothing. Darn


I’m the add it showed that it had sooooo many different modes. But then all I can do is slide my phone across the table. Which, don’t get me wrong, it’s really fun..... for about three seconds. And I know 99 cents isn’t a lot but, it’s still money that I have to pay! Then it tells me I have to buy ANOTHER app to actually use this one. I DO NOT recommend this app! Please DONOT get unless you want to slide your phone across tables and counters.

Good.. but not..

So I thought this was a great app... from the looks it looked cool... didn’t realize that it only does slide ruler because I only have to 5S If you have a 5S BIG WASTE OF MONEY


Doesn’t work as shown. Rip off even for $.99.

Save your money.

I placed the ruler on this app on my iPhone’s screen next to a real ruler and it was off by 1/4”. One inch on this app is 1 1/4”. 25% off! Truly worthless for measuring anything.

Air Measure

A rip-off.

Will not work on iPhone 6 Plus and it states that it will. No way to get refund. SCAM

I get nothing but a picture of a ruler. No options but to choose inches or cm. Got my money and it doesn’t work on 6 plus. False representation.

Worst app ever

Zero stars. This app does not work. I want my dollar back. Shittiest app ever.

Doesn’t work

I paid for and downloaded the app. It does nothing. Just a ruler that slides on the screen. It didn’t detect my camera or do any measurements. Seems like a scam.


Very very misleading actually fraudulent. Does not do air measures at all as the name implies.

No good on iphone6

Description says advanced features don’t work unless you have an ARkit enabled device. Thats ok, I just wanted the tape measure anyway, but it’s useless on iphone6. Nowhere does the ad say do not purchase for iphone6. The app launches, but the 1 inch measure is actually 1 1/8 inches, so it’s no good to me. No settings, no adjustment.


I would like a refund of my app purchase with this app. Please contact me back

Bait and switch! Please issue me a refund.

The AR Kit requirement should have been noted first. Instead, it was buried in introductory text. Now, I have a useless app for my iPhone 6plus. Worthless!!!

Seems Buggy, Hard to Use, and Inaccurate

A friend of mine is doing a beta test of the next iOS and it has a function like this. I loved the idea so I bought this app. It is so much harder to use than his. Some tomes I’ll lock on Ronan edge and the tape measure will just start running out, or the end will become “unanchored”, or the readings are simply off...even when I make the adjustments as shown in the tutorial. I wish I would have awaited for the next iOS update.

don’t buy this app

buy this app and never work :(


Poor and fake

Isn’t work

Don’t waste your money, isn’t work and you should to have the last iPhone version.

Close but not good enough

Not consistent, and it’s only ever close to the correct length never on point 3 stars because it’s cool ;)


I bought it and there is only one measure by moving the mobile and does not take the measurement by means of the conspiracy according to what you announce What is the solution

Doesn’t work

I’ve tried every mode and it just spins trying to load.

Not accurate

Not so accurate sometimes . For example with people’s height

I wish I could have my money back

I bought this app and now I can’t fully use it cause it says I have no ARKIT.




Dud, could not get the app to measure at all. Wasted my time.

SCAM WARNING!! Random .99 charges from app multiple times a month!

This app is a scam. It will charge your credit card multiple times a month a fee of $0.99

Does not work

A waste and misleading. After purchase, the app opens with screen showing that mosr features are unavailable without Arkit, which is not available for my phone.

Not accurate and hard to use

Nice interface but quirky and hard to use with unreliable and inaccurate measurements. Repeatedly scanning the same object dimension will yield different measurements each time. Trying to measure a long dimension in segments is particularly difficult; sometimes the app picks up at the desired spot and continues, other times it refuses and wants to “triangulate” instead. The interface also randomly switches a virtual tape measure on and off. It’s a great idea that would have serious utility and value IF it worked. But this version is not ready for prime time and definitely not worth the price. Save your 99 cents.

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