AirMeasure - AR Tape & Ruler App Reviews

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Not accurate and hard to use

Nice interface but quirky and hard to use with unreliable and inaccurate measurements. Repeatedly scanning the same object dimension will yield different measurements each time. Trying to measure a long dimension in segments is particularly difficult; sometimes the app picks up at the desired spot and continues, other times it refuses and wants to “triangulate” instead. The interface also randomly switches a virtual tape measure on and off. It’s a great idea that would have serious utility and value IF it worked. But this version is not ready for prime time and definitely not worth the price. Save your 99 cents.

Didn’t work for me

I don’t know if it’s my phone case or what but it didn’t work. When I am paying 99 cents for an app it is a throw away if I don’t connect with it pretty quickly. Next.

Love it tho

Tape measure works great in the light but not so good without.

Pretty accurate for estimation

I was impressed with how close the measurements were. I certainly wouldn’t use it for carpentry or precision work, but great for eyeballing furniture and such. Handy little app!


This was a complete waste of money I gave one star simply because I was able to write this review... don’t waist your money on this

Don’t buy it

Does not work and they charge you $27 dollars


App only allows what it calls “slide rule.” No other features work. Features displayed in example are not part of app. Very misleading. Worthless to me. How do I get my money back.

Very misleading

I downloaded this app because it was advertised as an AR measuring device. Instead when I downloaded it, I was greeted with a ruler and no AR functionality. Is there a way to get a refund?

Bought for no reason

I bought this app just to find out on my phone I can't do anything but slide as I move to measure anything. Waste

Waste of money

Only the measuring tape works on my iPhone 6 Plus and it’s still off by 2 inches. Waste of money. No way to get your money back. Rip off.

Only gave me a tape measure

I have an iPhone 6 with newest OS, the app says I was good to go. Spent the $ and the first screen says all the stuff I wanted is not available on my device but I can use the tape measure

Does nothing at all

The info says you need ARKit, so a 6s or better, to access all the functions. I think that implies that there should be some usefulness for other models, right? But after installing on my 6+, the app does nothing at all other than display a ruler I can slide with my finger. Sliding the phone on a surface does nothing. There aren’t even any controls, help panels, or options. Total waste.

Impossible to figure out!

First of all, I gave this 2-stars rather than one, becase it looked really awesome on the App Store. Want my $.99 back! I’m sure this app works for smart people who can figure it out, but myself, a master’s degreed obvious imbecile, is completely baffled! Pease cancel this, my “free” 1-week free trial that I had to pay for; I no longer want to own it! Thanks


This App only works when you place the phone flatly on a surface and pull along... NOT a laser measure or rough surface measure....

Concept and UI are great but results are inconsistent

The base app is incredibly well done, and great UI and UX sensibilities. The add-ones are a bit complex and don’t seem to be functionally intuitive (eg measuring sq footage). Unfortunately the measurements themselves are incredibly variable in accuracy. Out a series of 10 measurements, 3-4 are within 2 inches of correctness, another 3 within 5 or so inches, and the rest unusable. I hope that with the new ARkit in iOS 12, the accuracy will improve markedly, and this app will be one of the best measuring tools going.

Misleading App

I was looking forward to using this app at work and after paying for this app. I get a pop up that says that the additional feature will not work and the only thing I got was a stupid ruler. Very misleading. Thumbs down. Now I have to call Apple and fight for the charges to be drop. Yes it’s only 99 cents but that’s how disappointed I am of this app.

This app made me want to throw my phone away

We are clearly not ready for this type of technological advancement. Our forefathers would be ashamed. How is my 5 ft 10 partner is supposedly 5 ft 2? How did Apple even approve this? I wish I could give it no stars.

Precise and easy to use

Love it!!! And so easy to use 👍


Has potential, but Not sure about +/-


False advertising

Don’t waste your time

I was hopeful, based on the current rating of this app, but no, it doesn’t work consistently on anything. I thought the iphone X had AR capabilities, but this app works as poorly as primitive ones from years ago. There’s a reason you haven’t already heard about apps like these, and that’s cause none of them work like you’d expect them to, including this one.


Cool design, but all measurements were wrong. My 46” table measured at 75”.

Not accurate

I tried many different angles to verify it was not a factor. I measured a tape measure and found it to be inches longer then the tape measure. I’m using iPhone X. I also tried different heights above the objects to see if that was factor. Thankfully Apple is coming out with their version in iOS 12. So wait and use actual tape measure for time being.

The best app ever!

There's so many complicated apps for measuring, this app is very accurate very easy to use, and the tools are amazing! Good job guys!


برنامج بطل 💪

Not very accurate.

A for effort but still needs more work.

I must be a complete idiot, b/c I couldn't figure out how this works.

As far as I can see all this just an on screen ruler. no matter what I did I could not get it to actually "measure" anything, without me physically picking up and moving my phone 5" at a time. What is the good of that? I guess it's better than caring around a tape measure in your pocket, but not really. I tried to download the other program it said I needed, but it said it was not compatible with my phone.

Doesn’t do anything for me

It claims to be compatible with iPhone 6, but I see nothing but a yellow ruler and a cm/in switch. If there’s a way to measure anything, I haven’t found it yet.

Pete Klironomos

Very happy to have this handy app when out looking at property...awesome little tool!

Useful app

Very accurate and funny

Great look, poor performance

Gave it 2 stars because it is a really slick looking app. Unfortunately, it is difficult to use and does not work very well so performance is less than 2 stars. I got a lot of different measurements when trying to simply measure the length of my desk and, as a result, I could never rely on this measuring app. I would always be questioning whether the result I got from the app was accurate or not - and I am not talking about fractions of an inch, I am talking about errors of over a foot. Maybe my technique is poor, but the tutorial videos are too simplistic and they did not help me to perfect my technique so as to get consistent results. I hope Apple does a better job with their upcoming iOS 12 measuring app because it would be a great tool if it worked and could be relied upon.


It’s a wonderful app! Get it! It is worth it!

accurate or useless

A measuring tool that isn’t accurate is useless, unless you are looking for a bunch of “rough estimates”.

Doesn’t work.

How is this supposed to work. It doesn’t.


It's very useful! Even it's free! Highly recommend!


I really thought it would be accurate but it isn’t at all. The key thing about measuring is so you know how long it is what you are measuring as opposed to close estimate. I can use my feet to estimate. Good thing it was free


I compared to regular tape measure which said 7ft and this app gave me 70 in

I love it!!!!

So handy and i love being paperless. Plus I never forget the paper and measuring tape. All with me in the spirit of the moment.


Best tool to have!! So useful, and so beautifully made. Thank you! I could say a lot of good things about this app, but I’ll save it for later

Don’t work

Doesn’t work with iPhone 6

Measuring and pictures

Clunky interface. Not intuitive. Look for another app.

Good idea, poor execution

Half the functions don’t work properly. Using on iPhone 8. Deleted the app.


Excellent and accurate. Very useful app. Hardly use my tape any more.

Great for students!

It is an AR measuring toolkit that contains a variety of modes to accurately create measurements. This app is a great tool for the classroom for individual or collaborative activities when learning geometry, interior design, sewing, carpentry, and other ways an educator or anyone else sees fit. I measured a couple of objects and then used a tape measure to test for accuracy. The app was pretty accurate. There are modes that offer short tutorial videos where you can watch demonstrations. The vertical height mode allows the user to measure tall buildings and trees as well as others. Younger students would enjoy using this in school as a fun assignment to find the tallest tree or building on campus.

Seems to work pretty well.

I quickly measured the width of a curtain and got back something that was the right size. Well done!

Nice app

Cool, easy to use. I enjoy it



Not that reliable

Doesn’t always work, but does the job.

Sloppy. Absolutely sloppy

Worst implementation of the AR kit yet. Even the tutorial is extremely buggy

Inaccurate AF

Do NOT get if your needs require any level of accuracy! 12’ came out to be approx. 12.25”. I can’t claim that’s what it is on other platforms (I use an iPhone 6.0) or for other users, but had it not been for my good eye spotting & doubting its accuracy, I could have easily ruined my entire project. One star. I’d rate lower if I could.

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